Beyond Web Hosting

Our Monthly Web Site Fee is $199 for our standard web site plus $999 design & setup fee and a $999 fee do at website launch. E-commerce, directory and custom development slightly higher.

Included at no extra charge

Mail Chimp Integration

A web site is great but in addition to your call to action (CTA) you need some way to collect visitor information. Mail chimp is a great service and it’s free for up to 1000 email list members.

Web Site Optimization for Response time, onsite SEO and security

We’ll make sure your site complies with all of Googles requirements in maximize your google rankings. We’ll help you pick 3 to 4 key words or phrase and advise on the best practices to utilize those keywords. We’ll also “tighten up” your web site to make it less likely to get hacked.

One-hour of tech support per month

We’re here for you! Sometimes you need advice sometime you need hands on support with page edits, images or other types of files. You tell us what needs to get done and we’ll handle it for up to one hour a month. If you need more support we help with that as well for $80 per hour.

We include keeping your site up-to-date with the latest plugins and WordPress core files so, rest assured, that doesn’t come out of your 1 hour of monthly support!

Web Site Security Services

Uptime Monitoring
  • We monitor your web sites average response and constantly verify that your site is “live” online
Blacklist Monitoring
  • We are monitoring blacklists for your domain every 6 hours. Getting blacklisted can destroy your Google ranking and prevent your site from sending emails.
Daily Backups
  • We back up your entire website, database and supporting files.
Weekly Security Scans
  • WP Core Integrity – We check for any modifications or additions to WP core files.
  • Plugin & Theme Vulnerabilities – We look for published vulnerabilities in your installed plugins and themes.
  • Suspicious Code – We look inside all of your files for suspicious and potentially harmful code.